Above Ground Pool Blanket Boxes

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Want to add value to your home? Check out our Above Ground Pool Blanket Boxes! Pool Blanket Boxes is your leading source for providing high quality pool blanket boxes for pool covers and rollers that need protection from the suns harsh UV rays while also creating an aesthetically appealing pool side for yourself and your family to enjoy. The Above Ground Pool Blanket Boxes were the initial product we started manufacturing for our customers over 15 years ago. Over the years we have stayed ahead of the competition by researching and designing ways to improve our boxes; diversifying our offerings to meet customer needs. For high quality, durable boxes with a 10-year structural guarantee at affordable prices, contact us today.

Where Form Meets Function

The Above Ground Pool Blanket Boxes we provide are meticulously designed to enhance the look of your pool and entertaining area; concealing your rollers and pool covers through practical and innovative storage. Understanding the importance of developing products that stand the test of time, our Pool Blanket Boxes have been manufactured to protect your pool cover from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Built to Last

All Above Ground Pool Blanket Boxes are 100% manufactured in our Western Australian factory, with a fully welded internal frame for strength and durability. Furthermore, we are entirely confident in the structural integrity of the boxes we provide. Each box comes with a 10-year structural warranty.

Tailormade to Cater to Your Specific Needs

Every box is custom made to suit your requirements. From adding extra storage space for pool toys (noodles) and robotic cleaners to making them deeper so you can add some cushions and use them as a day bed, you can rest assured we will provide you with a solution that addresses your specific needs.

Furthermore, Pool Blanket Boxes can be used as a bench seat by the pool, as they are strong enough to support adults the entire length!

Pool Covers and Rollers

Rollers and pool covers can be supplied on request to complement your Pool Blanket Boxes. Please enquire for further details.