We are passionate about the work we do, and that includes take notice of upcoming trends and what’s currently preferred by our valued clients. Below ground pool covers are increasing in popularity each year, especially in cases where space is restricted. That is why we offer a wide range of inground pool covers to cater to your needs and requirements.

Our team specialises in made-to-measure solutions so you can rest assured that the underground pool cover solutions we provide will cater to the specific needs of your pool area.

Sleek design and captivating finishes

Our below ground pool covers are designed to sit flush along the paving or concrete, creating a sleek, sophisticated look around your pool area. We have extensive experience working with different environments which grant us the expertise needed to install hidden pool covers into just about any new or existing pool area – adding value to your home.

Advanced underground pool cover systems

Our easy to use, underground pool covers are rolled away using the manual 90-degree drive system. The Pool Blanket Box customer service team is on call to walk you through these options to provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision.

Quality manufacture

Our below ground pool blanket boxes are a one-piece, marine-grade, aluminium shell with a single anodised aluminium lid with a full-length rubber hinge, made right here in Western Australia. We also offer the option of a fabricated open framed lid rather than the anodised aluminium lid to match with your surrounding decking. To find out more about the range of hidden pool cover options we supply, contact us today.


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