Yes, multiple people can sit along the boxes.

Yes it can, however we recommend that you place a towel or cushion on the box if you intend to sit on the box in direct sunlight when it’s 28 degrees or more.

Yes, we can custom make them to just about any size, we do recommend certain sizes for aesthetic purposes.

Yes they can, please contact us for a shipping
quote to your area.

We can do all the Colorbond colours and many more, along with 4 main Timber Look Aluminium colours.

Not at this stage, auto roller version is still in the design phase (August 2023)

Below Ground Pool Blanket Boxes 2-3hrs, Above Ground Pool Blanket Boxes 1hr, Filter/Pump Enclosures 1-4hrs depending on configuration.

We offer a 10yr structural warranty with our custom made and Below Ground Pool Blanket Boxes, 5yr warranty on the gearbox mechanism inside the Below Ground Pool Blanket Boxes.

Powder coated boxes should be cleaned with soapy water a few times a year or when they look dirty, this will prolong the life of the colour as well.

Below Ground Pool Blanket Boxes need debris
cleaned out a few times a year, make sure rubber hinge is clear of dirt as this will impede the lid from opening fully. Above Ground Pool Blanket Boxes and Filter Enclosures require a clean a few times a year and possibly a little oil on the hinges if they squeak.